Trash compactors decrease the total volume of household wastes, reducing the amount of space needed in both your garbage can and at the landfill by an estimated 75-80 percent. In fact, trash compactors can reduce 6 bags of trash down to approximately a 30-pound bag. With the press of a button, a flat plate compresses trash, lifting back up automatically when the task is complete. When these appliances run into issues, it can be a frustrating situation.

Common Trash Compactor Issues

Most appliances will need regular maintenance, if not repairs as well. When these problems crop up, you can rest easy knowing that Dan Appliance Services is always standing by to provide the service you need.Trash Compactor

If you’ve had the following trouble with your trash compactor, call us:

  • The trash compactor won't work.

    Make sure the drawer is completely closed and check the fuse, GFCI, circuit breaker, and power cord. Ensure the key lock switch is turned all the way to start.

  • The trash compactor won't compact garbage.

    Slack, broken driving belts, or a burnt out motor are the most common issues that can prevent a system from compacting waste.

  • The door or drawer won't open.

    Make sure the ram has properly returned to the top, then check for dirty or damaged tracks, guides, rollers, or wheels.

  • The trash compactor is noisy.

    Noise during operation is normal for a trash compactor as the motor, belts, and gears engage in the effort to compress your garbage.

  • The trash compactor smells bad.

    Over time, trash may stick to the ram and other areas. Periodically clean your trash compactor according to manufacturer recommendations.Picture1PPTHelp your trash compactor keep up with demand by scheduling service with a Dan Appliance Services team today. Our professional service and repair technicians can keep your trash compactor in peak condition, ensuring you and your family get to enjoy this convenience in an effective manner.